Staff List

    Leadership Team      
    Mr Patrick EARNSHAW Headteacher
    Mr Nicholas O'CONNOR Deputy Headteacher - Director of Curriculum, Educational Visits Coordinator
    Mr Mathew DOWNS Assistant Headteacher - Raising Standards Leader
    Mr Simon FULLER Director of Business and Finance
    Mr Dean PRODOMO Assistant Headteacher - Learning & Teaching
    Miss Lisa SWAN Assistant Headteacher - Head of Sixth Form, Deputy Safeguarding Lead
    Mr Mark YAPP Assistant Headteacher - Behaviour, Welfaire & Attendance, Designated Safeguarding Lead, RS
    Senior Support Staff      
    Ms Angela PARSONS PA to Headteacher, Human Resources,
    STAFF LIST     Subject Area/Responsibility
    Art, Design Technology      
    Mrs Faye BENNETT Art Design and Technology
    Mr Richard CASTLE Art Design and Technology
    Miss Amy EGGLESTON Art, Pupil Premium Champion
    Miss Catherine CHALKLY-MABER Textiles Teacher, Lead Practitioner
    Mrs Susan GUPPY Art Design and Technology
    Mr Anthony HOPKINSON  Design Technology
    Miss Deborah LEITCH Catering, Food, ADOL - ADT: Learning, Behaviour Development
    Mr Matthew SEDGLEY Head of Technology
    Mr Martin SIMMONS Art Design and Technology
    Miss Molly SMYTH Art Design and Technology
    Miss Emily STOODLEY Head of Art, ADOL - ADT: Curriculum Development and Assessment
    Mr Pierre ELENA Design & Technology Technician
    Mrs Heidi JONES Food Technician
    Careers / Ethical and Personal Development      
    Mr Simon HALLAM Director of Learning - Careers/EPD
    Miss Adele ANDRE Sociology, Citizenship & Health Sciences, Lead Practitioner
    Mrs Leona DOWNIE ADOL - CEPD
    Mr Andy GODDARD Head of Achievement Year 10/11, Religious Education
    Miss Briony MCLAREN Drama, Head of Year 13
    Mrs Abigail WILLS Head of Dance/Drama
    Mrs Rebecca BOWEN Media, English
    Mr Richard BROWN English
    Mr David BRYDEN Lead Teacher Literacy; English, Japanese
    Mr Richard FLYNN English
    Mrs Louise FRY ADOL - English: Curriculum Development and Assessment KS5 Lead
    Mrs Katie GUERRINI ADOL - English: Raising Standards KS4 Lead
    Mrs Alison ILLGNER English
    Mr Stephen JAMES Assistant Director of Learning - English: Learning and Teaching KS3 Lead
    Mrs Rosemary KEYWORTH Director of Learning - English
    Mrs Magdalena MCGUINNESS English - Lead Practitioner
    Mrs Heather PEARSON Head of Achievement Year 7, English
    Dr Barbara RILEY English, Film
    Mr Jon COYLE Geography
    Mr Daniel HOUGHTON Head of Geography
    Mrs Victoria MORTELL Geography
    Miss Fiona STEWART Geography
    Mrs Helen FINCH History, Study Skills, EPQ, Professional Mentor
    Mrs Hannah STEDMON Head of History
    Miss Megan ROBERTS History
    Mr Andrew TURNER History, Sociology
    Information Communication Technology, Computing and Business, Economics      
    Miss Jill BURDEN ICT, Business Studies
    Mr Philip COUGHLAN ICT, Business Studies, Economics
    Mrs Charlotte Downs HLTA, UQT Business and Computing
    Mr Keith TYLER Head of ICT, Business Studies & Economics
    Mr George WEST ICT, Computing
    Miss Amelie GARROD-SMITH French, Spanish
    Mrs Natasha JOURDAIN French, Spanish
    Mr John MAURICE Head of Languages
    Mrs Amy MORTIMER French, Spanish, German
    Rev'd Elizabeth Pickett Latin
    Mrs Clare SHEPHARD Assistant Head of Language; Spanish
    Mrs Clare TUBBS French, Head of Year 12
    Mrs Marianne WALTON HLTA, UQT French
    Mr Michael ALESHINLOYE Mathematics
    Miss Jessica ALLDIS-SMITH Mathematics, Economics
    Miss Rachel CHIPCHASE Assistant Director of Learning KS3 KS4 , Peer Mentoring
    Mr Steven COOPER Director of Learning - Mathematics
    Mr Will EDMONDS Deputy Head of Achievement Year 8/9, Mathematics, PiXL Edge
    Mr Chris HOOPER Mathematics
    Mr Simon JONES Mathematics
    Mrs Jessica KELLY Assistant Director of Learning KS5
    Mr Bryan LOSE Mathematics
    Mrs Chloe GEORGE Mathematics
    Mr James MCLEISH Mathematics (Maternity Cover)
    Mr Chris MOORE Mathematics
    Mr Thomas RILEY Mathematics
    Mr David WALLACE Mathematics
    Mr Richard BANNISTER Music - Acting Head of Music (Maternity Cover)
    Mr Rob JESSEP Music (Maternity Cover)
    Mrs Elena GUNNER Head of Music
    Physical Education / Heath & Social Care      
    Mrs Jennifer CHALMERS Lead Teacher for Progress Post -16, Health Sciences
    Mr James DEAN PE
    Mr Neil JOBBINS PE
    Miss Claire FELLINGHAM Head of Achievement Year 8/9 PE
    Mrs Karen HARRIS Psychology, Sociology (Maternity Cover)
    Mrs Ruth HARRISON Psychology, Sociology, Child Development, Health & Social Care
    Mrs Maria WEBBER Head of Physical Education and Health & Social Care
    Miss Hannah WHITESIDE PE, Able Student Programme Co-ordinator
    Mrs Alison BARCLAY Head of Science KS3, Chemistry
    Mrs Rachael BARRETT Head of Chemistry, Science
    Mr Richard CRAVEN Head of Biology, Science
    Ms Sue CULLEN Director of Learning Science, Biology
    Mr Paul EVANS Physics & STEM
    Mrs Sarah JAMES Science, Biology
    Mr Peter LOWTON Science, Biology and Physics
    Mr Ian LUKE Science
    Mrs Lola Momoh Science
    Mrs Pauline SILVERWOOD Science
    Mr Joseph STEVENS Science, Biology, Outdoor Education Coordinator
    Ms Lynsey WARREN Science
    Mr Kai WRIGHT Science, Physics
    Mrs Lorraine COLLINS Senior Technician - Chemistry
    Mr Nick MITCHENER Technician - Physics
    Mr Richard SILVERWOOD Technician - Biology
    Learning Support Team      
    Ms Melanie STRACHAN Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator
    Mr Alexander BARCLAY Teaching Assistant
    Mrs Janine BUCHNER Administration Assistant
    Mrs Alison CURTIS Assistant SENCO, Deputy Safeguarding Lead
    Mrs Katie DOUGLAS Teaching Assistant
    Mr Paul FIELD Teaching Assistant
    Miss Charlotte GRANT Teaching Assistant
    Miss Eva HERNANDEZ RODRIGUES Teaaching Assistant
    Mrs Lynda PROCTOR Teaching Assistant
    Mrs Sarah REDRUP Teaching Assistant / Staff Room Caterer
    Mrs Lisa WARBURTON Teaching Assistant
    Mrs Kirsty WILLIAMS Teaching Assistant
    Pastoral Support Team      
    Mrs Sharon ALLEN ELSA, Deputy Safeguarding Lead
    Mrs Christina BENTLEY Pastoral Lead - Year 7
    Mrs Angela COOMBS Pastoral Lead - Year 10/11
    Mrs Suzanne COLLYER Mid-Day Supervisor
    Miss Joanne HARDING Pastoral Lead - Year 8/9
    Mrs Emma RICKARD Student Support Worker, Medical Officer
    Mrs Sally RILEY Pastoral Support Manager
    Mrs Amber WILLIAMS Pastoral Lead
    Academic Support Team      
    Miss Sharon BALE Intervention Support Worker
    Miss Amy BOWIE Sixth Form Study Mentor
    Miss Kirstie DOBSON Cover Supervisor
    Miss Kerry GOODING Academic Tutor
    Ms Amanda HALEY Librarian
    Mr Daniel TURNER Cover Supervisor
    Mrs Natania WARNER Cover Supervisor
    Mrs Claire WILSON Careers Advisor
    Examinations & Data Team      
    Mrs Nicola LILL Data & Examinations Manager
    Mr James CLARKE Data Analyst
    Miss Carla LILL Administration Assistant
    Administration Support Team      
    Mrs Vikkie ADAMS Clerical Assistant, Student Support
    Mrs Alison BOWER Clerical Assistant, Sixth Form
    Miss Heather BOOTMAN  Operations Officer 
    Miss Robyn BROWNING Communications Technician
    Mrs Helen CURRIE Clerical Assistant, Attendance
    Mrs Claire FURNELL Reprographics and Communications Assistant
    Mrs Beth GREEN Operations Officer
    Mrs Laura HARRIS Clerical Assistant, Reception/Student Support
    Mrs Tina HEATHMAN Admissions Officer
    Mrs Vanessa JEAVONS Clerical Assistant, Sixth Form
    Miss Brodie KERSEY Display and Communications Assistant
    Mrs Emma ROGERS Clerical Assistant
    Finance Team      
    Miss Ashleigh  SCHOFIELD  Finance Assistant
    Mrs Sheila RUFFELL Clerical Assistant, Finance
    Mrs Nickie THORNE Senior Finance Officer, IMS
    IT Technical Support      
    Mr Chris COLEMAN Network Manager
    Mr Harry GLYDE IT Technician
    Site & Facilities Team      
    Mr Adrian DOWNIE Caretaker
    Mr Matthew KELLY Site Manager
    Mr Lee ROBERTS Assistant Site Manager
    Clerk to Governors      
    Mrs Sharon STEVENS


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Staff List


Highcliffe Careers Fair 2019

Employers, colleges, universities and training providers will be exhibiting at Highcliffe School

Year 8 and the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

Zadie had the opportunity to take part in the SoundStorm event ‘Transmission’. Here she tells about her experience:

Highcliffe Fellowship Award

After reviewing all of our student work, we have awarded our Highcliffe Fellowship Award

Summer Concert 2019

Our annual Summer Concert is always a fantastic way to review and celebrate the achievements and successes of our musicians and performers for the academic year.

Year 12 Oxford University Residential

Our Year 12 aspirant Oxbridge students had a fantastic time on their residential trip to University of Oxford. As well as seeing the university, they had a chance to explore oxford and what it has to offer!

Summer Exhibition 2019

Showcasing our GCSE & A Level Art, Design &Technology Exhibition 2019.

Chess Success for Second Year

Highcliffe School have won the Bournemouth and Poole Inter-School Chess Competition and retain the cup for a second year.

Music Production Trip to Bournemouth University

Following on from the lecture on Music Production given by Dr Panos Amelidis from the Faculty of Creative Technology in January we took up the offer of a tour of the facilities at BU and the experience of a Music Production class.

Highcliffe School Nepal 2019

Our World Challenge trip to Nepal is fast approaching and our team of Sixth Formers are in their final phase of preparation.